Protecting Your Pollinator Sanctuary

Crafting a garden that is catered to supporting local pollinators has become increasingly popular as environmental pressures wreak havoc on native ecosystems. We are always excited to support our native pollinators and in turn, our own gardens and ecosystem. However, managing pest control with our flying friends in mind poses difficulty. Most pesticides are regrettablyContinue reading “Protecting Your Pollinator Sanctuary”

Strangler Figs: Villain or Hero?

Last week, we were visiting family in Okeechobee and spotted a young Strangler Fig wrapping its way around an old oak on the property. We figured we’d grab some pictures and dive into the story of the Strangler Fig today. The name Strangler Fig actually refers to dozens of plants. We could call the termContinue reading “Strangler Figs: Villain or Hero?”

Growing in the Golden State

Dear California, I think we need to talk. Those who have never experienced this gorgeous state probably have a picture of beaches bathed in sunshine and eternally warm rolling hills in mind, but the reality is that California is a massive place with sixteen unique climate zones. There is so much diversity in the stateContinue reading “Growing in the Golden State”

The 411: Butterfly Gardens

Crafting a perfectly sustainable butterfly garden can be a serious undertaking that requires plenty of research along with some of trial and error. Butterflies are incredibly diverse creatures whose needs and preferences vary greatly regionally, but there are a few common threads that we can dig into today. Why do butterflies like some flowers soContinue reading “The 411: Butterfly Gardens”

How to get the most out of your online plant retailer.

We love everyone who supports our small business. From the $25 order to the $2500 order, we take pride in growing, caring for, and shipping every plant that leaves our nursery with the utmost care and consideration. That being said, we have our fair share of buyers who we always go the extra mile for… here’s how to get onContinue reading “How to get the most out of your online plant retailer.”

Help, I’m a Serial Plant Killer! 

… but I love growing plants indoors. There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s start by saying that you aren’t alone. Even master gardeners can find the switch to indoor plants difficult and here’s why.   Most plants advertised as being easy to grow indoors are extremely tropical and have needs fitting of that environment. This means that they need porous, peat-heavy soil that will hold moistureContinue reading “Help, I’m a Serial Plant Killer! “

Responsible Growing (Yes, there is responsibility associated with gardening.)

What is it that makes a weed a weed? In a broad sense, this is an easy question to answer. If you like it, it’s not a weed. If you don’t… it’s a weed! This is a pretty reasonable philosophy, but there are some important factors to consider when planting anything that is not native to your area. That Japanese Honeysuckle thatContinue reading “Responsible Growing (Yes, there is responsibility associated with gardening.)”