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Cold Damage

Despite our valiant efforts, we have sustained some notable cold damage on many of our plants this Winter. We figured it was worth taking some time today to look into what frost damage actually is and what we can do now that is has occurred. Think back to the last time you put a sodaContinue reading “Cold Damage”

The 411: Butterfly Gardens

Crafting a perfectly sustainable butterfly garden can be a serious undertaking that requires plenty of research along with some of trial and error. Butterflies are incredibly diverse creatures whose needs and preferences vary greatly regionally, but there are a few common threads that we can dig into today. Why do butterflies like some flowers soContinue reading “The 411: Butterfly Gardens”

Help, I’m a Serial Plant Killer! 

… but I love growing plants indoors. There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s start by saying that you aren’t alone. Even master gardeners can find the switch to indoor plants difficult and here’s why.   Most plants advertised as being easy to grow indoors are extremely tropical and have needs fitting of that environment. This means that they need porous, peat-heavy soil that will hold moistureContinue reading “Help, I’m a Serial Plant Killer! “

The 411: Seasons

A few days ago, my partner in crime mentioned noticing a few changing leaves on a tree as we drove by and mused at how plants must be great at counting the days. Before throwing out a goofy response, I was struck by the fact that most people really don’t know how or why plants change with the seasons. So hereContinue reading “The 411: Seasons”

Responsible Growing (Yes, there is responsibility associated with gardening.)

What is it that makes a weed a weed? In a broad sense, this is an easy question to answer. If you like it, it’s not a weed. If you don’t… it’s a weed! This is a pretty reasonable philosophy, but there are some important factors to consider when planting anything that is not native to your area. That Japanese Honeysuckle thatContinue reading “Responsible Growing (Yes, there is responsibility associated with gardening.)”


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