New Arrivals

Check here to see what we have added to our collection recently!

African Bush Daisy : Introduce these cheerful bright yellow daisies to you landscape and watch them take off!
Philodendron cordatum : The indoor crowd pleaser of eras, this heartleaf philodendron has been spreading the love with its heart shaped leaves for centuries
Gold Star Esperanza : Here come the butterflies! This heat tolerant beauty attracts pollinators of all shapes and sizes.
Alligator / Crocodile Fern : Embrace Florida’s favorite reptile indoors with this Australian native scaly fern.
French Staghorn Fern : These unique ferns have a growth habit similar to their more common epiphytic cousins, but are made even more beautiful by their wonder silver toned foliage.
Dracaena Jade Jewel : A beautiful Dracaena accented by bold white stripes perfect for indoor cultivation.
Philodendron Burle Marx : An easy to grow and maintain showstopper popularized by landscape architect Burle Marx for its beauty and longevity.
Tea Cup Colocasia : A beautiful shade garden plant with the added bonus of a whimsical waterfall feature when it rains.
Lemon Begonia : An old garden favorite that perfumes shaded areas with a light lemony fragrance as it blooms continuously.